Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My frist day...

About two weeks ago our sitter of almost 6 years told us that she would be filling out a job application to her kids elementry school, 7 days ago we found out that we had two days to finalize a new day care for our two children. 5 days ago my almost 6 year old started Kindergarden and my 2 1/2 year old had her first day at her new day care.

Is your head spinning, mine has been.  As a Mommy, my heart broke.  How was I going to find a new sitter/daycare in just a week?  My amazingly awesome friend, Leslie came through BIG TIME to find us a day care that seemed perfect and has great references.  Its more of a structured enviornment {which little Miss Kaylen needs} and it has a before and after school program for Keagan {and he gets to ride the bus to and from school!!...THIS IS A HUGE PLUS. he wanted that experience so bad and I wanted it for him even more}.  I had the hardest time the last few weeks finding the silver lining but I am starting to see the blessing in disguise. 

Life seems to be getting a little less complicated and I promise to get back to blogging!

Until the next post, enjoy a few photos of the kids FIRST DAY!

 Have a great week everyone!


  1. My husband just had his first day back :( I am dreading the day already when my son will go! Luckily he is only 2!

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  2. I'm glad you were able to get everything worked out! I can't imagine being in such a scramble like that. I hope everything is smooth sailing as far as childcare is concerned from here on out! I’m excited to be your newest follower by the way! Feel free to stop by my blog- this week I’m offering free ad space and would love to highlight your blog on Joie de V!


  3. I can understand your concerns! I am a nanny to a 2 yr. old. I'm friends with the mom and she was in a pinch. At the last minute, I knew this was a job that I would enjoy, and I truly do!! I got lucky though because he is an adorable little boy! Newest follower from the FC blog hop. Would love it if you could visit and follow back! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those pictures of Kaylen at school are priceless.

  5. that would definitely stress me out! they are so cute and look so happy for school though :)