Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sticks and Stones...

The old saying, "sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me", is a lie.

Being a Mom has taught me so much, my relationship with my first born son has taught me more.  My son, Keagan, is a 5 year old that is going on 30.  When I discribe Keagan to people, I say that he is sweet, kind, smart, quick and funny.  I often will tell Keagan that my favorite thing about his is his heart.  Its not often that we disagree, we have the kind of relationship where a look says more than words and a stern "i'm disappointed in the choice that you made" is a far worse punishment than a time out. He loves to make me proud.  So, last night when the following words came out of his mouth, I could have been literally hit by a bus and not known.

It was 8:45 bath time and we had just come inside from playing, my husband and daughter went to move the sprinkler before coming in.  When Keagan found out that sissy was still outside with Daddy he wanted to go too.  Of course, at this time, he had already had his clothes off and the bath was running.  I told him that they will be inside in a second and that he needed to stay inside.  He responded with....


I just stopped and said, "okay".  I had never heard anything like that come out of Keagans mouth.  The fact that he even thought it long enough to say it, broke my heart.  Now, I think that if you are a parent you will hear those words at least once in your life.  But to be honest, I was completely caught off guard hearing it from Keagan's mouth. 

Matthew heard him and had a talk with him, Keagan later apoligized but you can bet that I will never forget how that first time, HURT. I explained to Keagan that {it is very important to think about what he says before he says it, words can really hurt people, just as his did to me}

This morning, the first thing Keagan did was say, "good morning, mommy" and when it was time for me to go to work, he looked at me and said, "good-bye SWEETHEART". 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hair. Hair. Hair

I love having a little girl! & I love that my little girl loves being such a girlie girl. She loves jewelry, purses, shoes, all things pink and her hair.  I happen to be very thankful that she likes and allows me to do her hair. If she didnt, she would walk around all day like this....

Let's call these the BEFORE...



And here are a few of my favorite CUTE, EASY & FuN styles...the AFTER...

Messy high Pony with clipped back side bangs

Low pony

Piggies with bangs

My Favorie: French braided bangs

If you can't tell...I love a cute braid!...


Happy Hair Tuesday :) 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Picky Eater to Superhero!

Do you have a little one that won't eat anything other than hotdogs, ramon noodles, chicken nuggets and poptarts?  If your family is anything like ours, you have at least one child that no matter what you say or do, getting your child to eat something new is frustrating and beyond difficult. 

Even mac n' cheese is "yucky" to my son {who doesn't like mac n' cheese!!}. 

Dinner these days seems to be filled with threats of, "if you don't eat your dinner, there will be no snack before bed"...until, last night.

Last night, during one of those {i refuse to eat my red potatoes and mac n' cheese}moments, I turned my very picky eater into a SUPERHERO eater!  I picked up his fork and put it to his mouth.  I told him that  I heard he had super strength teeth and asked him to show me his powers. {I think that the word powers to a 5 year old is like the word caffeine to an adult in the morning}.  10 minutes later, his food was gone!  Of course in those 10 minutes, I played up his powers and by the end of the meal he was explaining to me why taking care of your teeth is so important. WOOHOO!
Here are my two little Superheros :)

Wine Lovers

I'll make this short and sweet

I love wine...

My favorite was Riesling, its one of the sweeter white wines and it was always the safest bet for me when I ordered at a restaurant.  I have since branched out and tried and liked many different wines but I found a new favorite....

Red Decadence Chocolate Red Wine

If you have never heard of it or have never tried it, YOU SHOULD!  Its definitely a dessert wine with a chocolate covered cherry taste.  Yumm...ENJOY!

Autiques Antiques Antiques

I grew up spending my weekends at my grandparents antique booth in Allegan, Michigan.  I remember how I would walk with my parents to view different booths.  Not really appreciating the structure and history behind each piece {lets face it, I was 10 and wished I would have been able to sleep in}. If my grandparents were not selling antique furniture, they were refinishing it. One of my favorite things about my grandpa was the way refinished antique pieces.  The care and value he took in every piece he refinished. 

  And then it started...

I have one hour for lunch each day.  One of my favorite things to do on lunch is go down the road to a local shop called, Antiques & More by Fretta.  Its one of those places where if you are not careful, you could pass by the most amazing mirror, mint conditioned antiqued suit case or heaven for bid, a LIFE Magazine with James Dean or Marilyn Monroe's face on the cover.  I usually take the time to go through the old records to see if I get lucky and come across one that says, 'THE BEATLES'.  I've been told that I have an old soul. 

 Anymore you have to be cautious about things that you pick up at "antique" stores.  There used to be an "age" limit on the items that can be priced and sold as antiques but I have found lately that people are selling pieces that are in no way, shape or form antique.  As a matter of fact, I made a purchase today that I promise you was probably purchased somewhere like Pier One a few years ago and repainted.   Most of the time you can tell by the kind of wood, how it is stained and it might possibly  be stamped with a date.  Glass pieces are also usually marked as well. 

Here is a picture of my new "antique" wine rack.  Who doesn't love a cute wine rack!

If you have never been into a local Antique shop near where you live, stop in one day just to look around!  I can almost guarantee that you will find something that you love, and if didn't look hard enough!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A little reminder never hurt...

words to live by

seven. one. two

Ahh, what is in a name, you ask?  In order for you to get to know me, I will introduce you to my other {better} half.  His name is Matthew and he is pretty much the coolest guy on the planet. 
Matt and I met in 2000, we had a class together, I was a junior and he was a freshman (I know, I know,but hear me out!) He walked into class and I immediately asked who he was.  I thought he was just the cutest boy, I even remember what he was wearing{i blame that on my photographic memory}.  I was the forward one and asked him to be my 12 o'clock partner and the rest was history. Well, almost.  I still have to tell you the meaning of {}.  Matthew and I both played soccer in high school, can you guess our numbers??  I was #7 and he was #12.  Exciting huh? LOL.  Those numbers have seemed to followed us through the years and are a nice reminder of where we have been as a couple and how far we have come...

In 2006, we welcomed our first perfect little boy into the world, his name is Keagan and then in 2007, 7 years after Matt asked me to be his girlfriend, he asked me to marry him! So, at Paris, on top of the Eiffel Tower he popped the question.  ::cough, cough:: Okay, before you start to imagine the scenery of the real Eiffel Tower, I should tell you that  it was the one in Las Vegas but whatever, it was perfect :)  In 2009, along came our beautiful baby girl, Kaylen and in 2010, we decided that it was time to stop doing things so backwards.  In May of 2010 we traveled to North Carolina and on the grounds of Biltmore Estate, and said "I do".  There is definitely something extra special for us to know that our children got to be part of our wedding day, they got to be there when we "all got married", as my 5 year old still says. 

                                       This is a picture of the 4 of us right after our wedding

I cannot imagine taking this journey through life without Matt by my side, I am thankful for him and what he does for our family, each and every day.  His strength is admirable and his heart just makes it that much easier to love him.  Alright, enough of that mushy stuff but that gives you a little insight on a big part of me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

who. why. what. when

Hi, I'm Kristin.  I'm a 27 year old (28 in exactly one month and 1 day from today but today,i am still 27), wife to my high school sweetheart and mommy of two. I could ramble on and on about my husband and children for hours on end but will save all that jazz for future posts. Lucky You!

I am starting this blog for one reason... my best friend won't leave me alone about it! She is one of those people that really doesn't like to open herself up and let people in to her personal life yet, she loves to blog! .don't worry, she is completely as crazy as my last statement sounded BUT she will be the first to admit it.  I guess part of me believes thinks that I  might enjoy blogging and the people I follow as much as she does, time will tell I suppose.  I'll go ahead and take this opportunity to invite you to read her blog and follow her.

I have to be honest and say that I have no idea what I plan to write about or if it will even be interesting to anyone other than Tiffany but I will tell you this...

I love my family & friends but I am very private in the way that I don't love to share personal things with just anyone so this blogging thing is very much...out. of. my. element.  I'm a little nervous.  So bare with me and maybe with a little time, I'll let you into the fun things and funny moments that fill each and every day.

Side note:  I am super random(which makes for a lot of exciting moments) so I will now apoligize ahead of time for all of the random posts that might be about to happen. goes...HAPPY READING.  Isn't that something bloggers say?

Side note 2:  Upon writing the last sentence, I got ADD and clicked on another tab and I some how exited out and lost my entire post.  Apparently, there is something called, auto save?  Niiiiice!