Thursday, September 20, 2012


6 years ago TODAY one of the greatest gift I have ever recieved was brought into the world.  September 20, 2006, our first son was born.  I know I write about him often but today I want to reflect on not the now but the before we ever met.

February 15, 2006 + 1 digital pregnancy test that took all of 2 seconds to read PREGNANT= lives changed forever.  We had an idea that we were pregnant before the test but decided to have one last Valentines day where we went out, had the times of our lives, no responsiblity and spent all the money we had {because once you find out you are pregnant all of that changes, right?}. 

What are we going to do:
Matthew was 19 and I was 21.  At first, we had no idea what we were going to do.  We were so young, we thought that there would be no way that we would be financially responsible to be parents and really...were we ready?!  I knew that our relationship was in a very solid place and we both knew that this baby would be our responiblity NOT our parents in any way shape or form.  It we were going to be parents then we would have to decide that our lives seperately would not be #1 anymore, we would a family, we would work as a team and the road would not be easy. We weighed out every option in the book & I'll never forget the moment that we let it soak in that we were actually going to do this.  I was relieved and weighing out the options really made me realize that I was meant to be this babys Mom.  Matthew's reaction was a little different.  He literally said, "well, I guess I won't get a new pair of shoes for a few years".  LOL.  He's the best! {I would like to make note that he got a new pair that Christmas}.  But after we decided that we were all in and that we were having a baby, it seemed so fun and natural to plan this new chapter in our lives.  We talked about what gender we really wanted, Matthew wanted a boy and I agreed becuase lets be honest...I wanted nothing more than to see Matthew be a daddy to a little boy that would be just like him. 

I had to drink 8 gallons of water and Matthew was LATE.  Well, actually he was right on time but got pulled over in the parking lot of the doctors office for running a stop sign so that he wouldn't miss anything.  The police man didn't care and Matthew missed part of the ultrasound but was there just in time to see our little BOY'S 10 fingers and 10 toes for the first time {because that is what daddys want to make sure are there, right?}.  It was magical and I cried. 

This might be my favorite part of my we picked a name** We wanted something different but not crazy.  So, I picked 5 boys names and numbered them 1-5, in no special order, gave Matthew the same list that I had and told him to reorder them by listing his favorite to least favorite.  It just so happens that when we did this, our list were different but there was one thing that was the same, our #1 pick! And that folks is how Keagan became, Keagan :)

What the.... I always told myself that I would NEVER work until the day my child was born, I would take time off and enjoy my me time before I had our baby, until I became an adult and realized I needed to make money in order to help support our family! I couldn't really complain though, the pregnancy was so enjoyable, no pain, no sickness and I always said I would love to be pregnant always and for other people {later with second pregnancy I retracted those previous statements} but it was wonderful with my son.  So working while being pregnant was pretty easy and I worked right up until the day before. 

The Night before:
We waited until the very end to do our birthing classes {that just how I do it!} so the night before we had class.  I was miserable, did not want to be touched, my bed is the only thing that sounded "good" that night.  It was 2 weeks before my due date so I didn't even have my bags fully packed.  That night, I went home and went to bed. 

September 20, 2006:
Matt stayed up watching TV, so at 2:45 am when my water broke, I came out of the bedroom and told Matt to come upstairs with me becuase I wasn't sure what was happening. {at this point and time we were living with my parents} I woke up my mom and everyone wanted to know if my water broke..."I DON'T KNOW!! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE!!!!"  So we packed our bags and headed to the hospital.  I remember telling the check-in lady that my "water keeps breaking", she corrected me that it only breaks once and next thing I know we were upstairs, I was hooked to monitors and I was ready to have this little boy!  I didn't really start having contractions until then started the potosin around 7:45 and then once those bad boys started, I was ready for the edidural.  I didn't think twice about it and any opinions I had before the contraction pains didn't matter.  I wanted the pain blocked! Immediately after, Matthew and I both took a nap and when I woke up it was time to start pushing.  12:46 pm, Keagan Matthew was born.  He was breathtaking.  All 7lbs 6oz of this little boy were just perfect.  I had never been so proud of something in my life, I didn't know it was possible to feel the kind of love that I felt until I held my son. 


  1. Love this! You know what's crazy... How much pictures have changed in 6 years.

  2. Found your blog through 'blabbering thoughts' and wanted to introduce myself to you. Your newest follower! :) <3, Amy